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Design Your Yard Ramp
STEP 1 - Choose Series (See Table)
Choose Option 1 if limited yard movement of the Yard Ramp is anticipated.
Choose Option 2 if Yard Ramp will be moved extensively over secondary roads or in yard area.
STEP 2 - Calculate the Capacity (Minimum Ramp Capacity = Truck Weight + Truck Capacity)
Select a capacity greater than the weight of your heaviest fork truck PLUS the weight of the heaviest anticipated loads.

STEP 3 - Determine Ramp Width (Minimum Ramp Width = Width of widest forklift or load + 15")
When selecting your Ramp, consider the following:
  • Ramps come in standard widths of 70", 84" or 96"
  • For safety, select a usable width at least 15" wider than the widest piece of equipment you will be using on the ramp.
  • If ramp is to be used for rail car loading, specify a ramp width that will accommodate the turning radius of your forklift truck to avoid hitting the ramp curbs as it turns into the rail car. Consult your forklift truck manual for specs.
  • Maximize your Ramp width for better operating results
  • Make sure that the Ramp size you select will fit inside your dock or carrier opening
STEP 4 - Select Tow Speed
STEP 5 - Select Profile & Length
Straight - Incline Profile
Ideal for Ground-to-Dock apps.
Available in 30 and 36 ft. lengths, this type has a constant incline for the length of the ramp for a point 15 inches from the top where an 11" downward bend insures that the beveled edge will be in contact with the carrier floor. For trucks, railcar and container use where fork trucks on ramp do not have to remove pallets located next to the vehicle door. This type is also recommended if you will use a Parallel Loading Platform in your operations. For a 36' straight, delete "L" from the model number.
Level-Off Profile
Ideal for Ground-to-Carrier applications!
Has a 4, 8, or 12 foot level approach area at top of ramp. Fork trucks can maneuver into railcars easier and can load/unload pallets that are next to vehicle doors. Available in 36 foot lengths only. Level-off type is noted by the suffix "L" in the model number.
STEP 6 - Select Options to Fully Customize your Ramp

Electric Hydraulic Pump
Raise your ramp to full height in fewer than ten seconds with the push of a button!
Pedestrian Railings
Get a grip! These railings can be either permanent or removable and meet OSHA requirements.
Extra-Long Level-Off
Extend the level-off section of your ramp to accommodate even oversized forklifts. Flared Approaches and Exits add some flare to your ramp for improved maneuverability on narrow docks and tight spaces.
Galvanized Steel Grating
Add "G" to model number
Tire Options
The standard foam-filled tires aren't enough for you? Then outfit your ramp with Moldon Rubber, Pneumatic or Rough Terrain Pneumatic Tires.
Shock Absorbers and Springs
These accessories will make smooth work out of towing your ramp over great distances or rough terrain.
High Speed Towing Package (70" & 84" widths only)
Includes: 2 High Speed Tires = 16" Torsion Axle = 6,000 lb capacity Axle Receiver Tube Tow Bar with Pintle Hook Suspension Lift Assy. Safety Anchor chains Light Bar Removable Fenders ALSO INCLUDED: Bolts, Nuts & Pins to Attach Tow Bar, Light Bar & Axle Assy Requirements: 3/4 or 1 ton heavy duty pick up truck required with proper towing capacity depending on weight of yard ramp. Maximum towing speed 15 mph or load it on a flat bed trailer.
Tow Bar
Tow Bar
Ramp Clamp
Ramp Clamp

Standard 18" x 5" mold on rubber over steel hub, 1 1/4" axle
Optional pneumatic / balloon tires best for dirt or gravel parking lot

STEP 7 - Order
To order or for pricing please fill out an Inquiry Form or Contact Us directly with the above information.

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