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Fully Powered Electric Pallet Truck

Fully powered pallet truck for easy and quick operation. Includes fingertip raise and lower buttons. Easy-to-operate throttle for forward and reverse direction. Throttle offers infinite forward and reverse speeds. Safety features include a horn and belly reverse button. Units run off 24V batteries with battery charger standard. The 3,000 pound capacity models use two 12V batteries with 70Ah rating. The 4,500 pound capacity models use four 12V batteries with 180Ah rating. Units will typically achieve a minimum of eight (8) hours of service on one full charge.

Fully Powered Electric Pallet Trucks
Model Overall Size (WxLxH) Continuous Capacity (lbs) Intermittent Capacity (lbs) * Fork Width (WxL) Individual Fork Width Service Range Net Weight (lbs)
EPT-2047-30 28"x65"x49" 3,000 3,500 20"x47" 5.9" 3.2"to7.8" 660
EPT-2547-30 28"x65"x49" 3,000 3,500 25"x47" 5.9" 3.2"to7.8" 671
EPT-2048-45 30"x78-1/2"x49" 4,500 5,000 20"x48" 6.9" 3.4"to8" 990
EPT-2748-45 30"x78-1/2"x49" 4,500 5,000 27"x48" 6.9" 3.4"to8" 1012

* Intermittent Capacity at 75% operation time only.

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