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Gas Powered All Terrain Pallet Truck

All-terrain pallet truck with gas-powered traction drive system, great for moving heavy loads over rough terrain, features 2000 lbs. or 4000 lbs. capacity @ 18" load center, unit also includes powered fork lift and lower, steel construction for years of dependable use with blue painted finish.

Standard Features:

Complies with ASME B56.1-2004


Gas Powered All TerrainPallet Truck
Model Overall Size (WxL) Capacity (lbs) Overall Fork Width Service Range Net Weight (lbs)
ALL-T-2-GPT 79"x68" 2,000 8"-36" 2-5/8" to 12" 1200
ALL-T-4-GPT 79"x68" 4,000 8"-36" 2-5/8" to 12" 1300

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