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Wheel Nose Pallet Truck

The Wheel Nosed Pallet Truck is designed to position pallets or skids closely in a row.  The fork end is set back from the front rollers allowing for one pallet pick up at a time.  The unit has a rubber grip handle with a three lever position for easy operation and maneuvering.  This heavy duty unit is rated at 5,000 pounds capacity and has a service range from  3-1/2" to 8".  Unit includes two articulating steering wheels and two front load rollers.Spring loaded loop handle automatically returns to vertical position when not in use. Extra long 45" forks are used with standard 48" long pallets.  Short 38" forks are used for maneuvering in tight spaces.

Wheel Nose Pallet Truck
Model Description Capacity (lbs.) Fork Dim. Service Range Net Weight (lbs)
PM5-2038-WN Wheel Nose Pallet Truck 5,000 20"Wx38"L 3-1/2"-8" 260
PM5-2738-WN Wheel Nose Pallet Truck 5,000 27"Wx38"L 3-1/2"-8" 280

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